From local to national and international levels, I have been a key voice influencing campaigns and strategic direction in a number of areas. Here are some examples.

Expert to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights 2018

Invited by the Special Rapporteur for Human Rights Defenders, Michel Forst, as one of 12 experts from around the world. I advised on a report on the situation of women defenders. The report was presented to the 40th session of the Human Rights Council.

Human Rights Defenders World Summit 2018

Collaborated with colleagues from around the world on the Action Plan developed at the World Summit where I was the UK Delegate. It can be viewed here. It was presented to the UN General Assembly in December 2018.

Time’s Up UK 2018 – Day of Witness

I shared best practice on supporting marginalised groups facing multiple forms of discrimination with actors and activists, to shape the direction of the movement.

Time’s Up UK Day of Witness
Credit: Laura Lewis
Mind Equality Improvement Team Leader 2016-2018

Influenced high-level decision making, including successfully lobbying the CEO and senior staff to introduce payment for emotional labour and lived experience, and training staff on BAME, LGBT and faith issues.

UK Civil Service 2015-2016

Provided expert advice on trans inclusion for the Civil Service graduate and apprenticeship schemes. As a direct result, gender neutral toilets were introduced at assessment centres, gender neutral language is used in feedback, gender has been moved to the diversity monitoring form, options for gender include an open textbox to self-define.