Updated 07/17

I’ve been so lucky in my short life so far, to have experienced a great number of opportunities.

  • Campaign Bootcamp 10, July 2017
    • Awarded a full scholarship (by MailChimp) to a week-long retreat with some of the best minds in charity work there are, with a year of mentorship and top up courses.
  • BBC 100 Women ‘Girls’ Champions’, 2016-17
    • Fortunate to record a podcast at the BBC with my wonderful friend, June Eric-Udorie. Both of us were paired together for our hard work on gender rights and feminism.
  • Shortlisted for Liberty Award, 2016
    • So honoured to be shortlisted for the Christine Jackson Award for young human rights campaigners, for my work on gender identity rights. Thank you to Cris McCurley for getting me so far.
  • Hope Not Hate training, 2016
  • Highly Commended for ‘Contribution to Diversity’, University of York Awards 2015
    • At the York Awards, I received a certificate to recognise my work as Alcuin College’s BAME Welfare Officer, as well as my efforts to increase understanding of what BAME means around campus
    • Shortlisted again in 2016 for the same award, but for work on non-binary rights