You’re real two-faced, but I’m winning

This one goes out to those two

Faces of the past and the future

Inconceivably sutured together.

We go way back, you and I

Look in the mirror and see the frowns curl your face

The wrinkles frame your eyes

Like bangs hit you square and fair.

Skip from one to the other in a heartbeat

In your second chamber, your court of order and harmony.

When I’m up, you’re down

To say you know my mind

Except in the corners of the dark

Preaching your four point plan on why I’m falling

Down. Doomsday awaits.

Oh iron out your creases and stop laughing.

Your game face is red hot plastic melting into a sad, stained smile.

Did it matter when I stood there, told I’d fall flat

and then earned more respect than you’ve ever known?

Did it hurt when I stood strong

In the face of torment

Whilst you pined for me to notice you?

Well, I noted your existence, and I am moving on.

This is an ode to the weak-willed,

The small-hearted,

The insular navel-gazers.

Steel skin reflecting right back at you.  Say hi to your other half.

That’s it, folks; game over.

I just keep winning.




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