Anything but me

My eyes glaze over, wind chiming,

Feet stepping over my oblivion,

My soul-eating glare binges on their perfection.

Don’t be me. Let me be you.

For a day, to have the folds sweep me off my path,

Or the languishing sighs of reflections steal my breath,

Or my body melting away with the worries-

I’d give you everything.

In fact, take it from me-

I do not need myself.

I need to hold your image in my mind,

See the better parts of you,

And tape them to my skin.

I need to sew your smile to my face,

That Spring to my feet,

And that veil to my brain.

I long to be able to walk without you,

The crutches of my heart collapsing with my splintered spine,

Because I can’t live with myself if you’re living with me too.

There is a simple solution.

Let me be you.

Let me be anything but me.


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