Maria Munir is an award-winning speaker, activist, and human rights law graduate from the University of York. They work in charity campaigning, and serve on Amnesty UK’s Rainbow Network Committee.

Credit: Mae Kaboré

As a consultant, Maria has worked with Mind, Time’s Up UK, Leigh Day and more, recently serving as an expert to the United Nations OHCHR. They were awarded la Médaille du Barreau by the Paris Bar Association for their services to human rights. 

Featuring on Buzzfeed’s list of top LGBT Brits, Maria called out President Obama face-to-face on discriminatory bathroom laws in America to international recognition in 2016, and reformed the Civil Service’s attitude to trans inclusion. Maria was shortlisted for Liberty’s Christine Jackson Award, and selected as one of BBC 100 Women’s Girls’ Champions.

Maria continues to deliver keynotes and chair panels, previously speaking at organisations such as Stonewall, Amnesty International, and Women of the World Festival. They tweet @Maria_Munir.

The views expressed throughout this website are solely those of Maria Munir, unless stated otherwise.

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  1. Maria, how wonderful that you have such personal conviction. I felt some connection with you speaking your experiences and feeling regarding coming out so big. My prayers, support, and best wishes go out to you. Mostly hoping that we grow up as a species of love and acceptance. From a 57 year old white, blue collar worker with an open heart. and nothing but love for you! Fair well in your journey. Chris from Cleveland.

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